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"Slowly. Get it out, but don’t get too worked up in the process."

"OK," she said, taking a shuddering breath. "I guess the final straw was this morning’s cheer class. I saw how your Tae Kwon Do classes really gave a purpose to the kids and helped settle them into a routine, and I figured my girls could use some exercise to do the same for them. I organized the class, but then I couldn’t even do the stretches with them, I’m so fat. I feel like a beached whale! I have stretch marks and I’m disgusting and I hurt all over and I’m not sure I can take this any more!" She began bawling again. "What’s wrong with me? Am I so awful that no one will want me any more? Why did Kevin leave me?" She resumed sobbing, and I hugged her to my side, holding her as her emotions ran their course. I had a bandana in my back pocket, and after making sure it wasn’t too sweaty, handed it to her to use as a hankie.

Once she had calmed down, I tried to encourage her. "You are definitely not disgusting. There are some downsides to being pregnant, but most guys think pregnant women are beautiful. I certainly do."

"Are you serious?" she laughed. "I’m huge. How can anyone like that?"

"Anyone with half a brain can tell the difference between obesity and pregnancy," I told her. "Men are wired to admire and protect pregnant women. It’s in our biology. Fertility is desirable. Plus, we like the big boobs."

That got her laughing as she inspected her chest. "I guess that is one good thing. I was always pretty flat-chested, but not any more!"

"Trust me, there is nothing undesirable about you. And let’s take a look at your other issues one by one. First, you got rid of that dead weight Kevin. You’re better off without him, and you got the best parts of him: his money and his sperm." She snickered at that. "Second, you don’t have to worry about your job now. No work on this island except surviving. Think of it as a prolonged maternity leave. You’ve got free health care. I don’t deliver babies any more normally, but I’ve done it before, and I remember how. And as an added bonus, you’ve got a ton of free child care. There are a bunch of fellow mothers, and a lot of baby sitters available, in case you want to go out on the town. Or at least out on the beach," I said with a smile. She laughed again.

"As far as the hurting all over, I even have the solution to that."

"What?" she said doubtfully.

"By happy chance, I have just learned how to give a therapeutic massage, and I even have the oil to do it with. As your doctor, I am prescribing one deep tissue massage, thorough but gentle, to help with your sore muscles."

She gawked at me. "Do you always travel through the jungle with massage oil?"

"No," I said, chuckling. "This just happens to be your lucky day."

"A massage does sound great." She pondered the matter. "You wouldn’t mind?"

"Not at all. It would be my pleasure." I had her sit up to start with, and crawled behind her. I gently pulled the straps of her tank top over her slim but muscular shoulders and with a dollop of my trusty oil began working the back of her neck and the trapezius muscles.

"Oh, that feels great!" she breathed, and I could already feel her relaxing. She must have been really tense. I noticed how well-defined her muscles were, presumably from her work with the cheer squad. When I had finished the shoulders, I replaced the straps and pulled up the shirt as far as I could without exposing her breasts, and squirted out a little more oil on her back. I started in on the back muscles, working my way down her spine, then the ones around her shoulder blades, and finally the flanks. Her skin was smooth and soft, and I found myself enjoying this more and more--I was even sporting a woody. Her breathing had slowed and deepened, and she was now slumped forward as her spinal muscles relaxed further.

I pulled off my shirt and laid it on the ground. "Here, lie down on this…on your side." I had almost said ‘on your belly’, but realized that wouldn’t work at all! She did as I asked, and rolled as far forward as she could to give me access to the backs of her legs. I worked the oil into her feet and gave her a thorough foot massage, knowing pregnant women always had issues with them.

"That’s great, Dave!" she said dreamily. "You know just what I need."

Christ, I know what I need right now! I thought, stroking the backs of her calves and admiring her full ass under the tight shorts. I rubbed the shapely gams happily, reveling in the firm muscles and lightly tanned skin. I made my way to her thighs, caressing the hamstrings and letting my thumbs ride up between her legs to lightly stroke her inner thighs, just under the edge of her shorts. I really wanted to slip my fingers on up higher, but didn’t want to assume she was interested in more than just a massage at this point. I did notice her breathing, which had been slow and deep, seemed to have picked up in pace as I kneaded the delicate skin of her thighs. So close…I thought, gazing rapturously at the tight crotch of her shorts as it rode up her crack. I took a deep breath. Down boy!

"All right, roll over onto you back and I’ll get the rest of you," I told her. I was glad I was sitting down, because otherwise the tent in my shorts might have scared her off. She moved onto her back, and I was thrilled to see her nipples now erect. They were huge—the size of thumbs—and creating tents of their own in the thin material of her tank top. She closed her eyes and relaxed again, and I worked my way up the front of her legs, just the way Truk had demonstrated for me earlier. I passed her knees and started in on her quads, gently digging my thumbs into her well-defined muscles. I loved the way the coconut oil melted into her skin, making the lightly tanned surface shine in the sunlight. Again I reached the legs of her shorts, and again slid my fingers lightly under the edges, just a little higher than was strictly proper. As I caressed her, I could feel the bottom edge of her panties where her legs emerged. My face was just inches from her crotch, and I swore I could smell the fragrance of her pussy now, mingling with the scent of coconut in the air. God I was getting horny!

I finally left off working around her cunt when I couldn’t draw it out any longer. I moved to a hand, and began rubbing the oil into her palms and between her fingers. The fragrant slickness created an intimate contact that was arousing even though nowhere near her naughty bits. I worked my way up her arm, my gaze transfixed by her heaving breasts, watching the massive mammaries move up and down in time with her increasingly deep breaths. I could see the dark shadows of her areolae through her shirt, the brown disks about the size of coasters. I repeated the process on her other hand and arm, then took a minute to collect myself. I was getting mighty worked up touching her fertile young body, and it seemed to me she was getting pretty worked up herself.

"Let me work on those stretch marks of yours. The oil might relax the skin and help them." I had no idea if this was true or not, but I really wanted to rub that big belly of hers. I wasn’t shitting her earlier; I really did think fertility was sexy, and pregnant women gave me the hots every time. Then again, almost all women gave me the hots!

She opened her eyes, a worried expression creasing her forehead. "Are you sure you don’t mind? I think they’re kind of gross."

"I don’t mind at all. I think you’re body is very attractive just the way it is. You just relax and let me make you feel better."

She closed her eyes again, and I lifted her shirt to the very top of her abdomen, brushing the bottoms of those huge tits in the process. Her gravid womb jutted out of her small frame like a watermelon. Her lightly tanned skin was smooth and taut, and only a few ribbons of darker pigment indicating her stretch marks interrupted the wonderful expanse of her pregnant belly. She had a light brown stripe running from her protruding navel down to where it disappeared into the top of her shorts, and I longed to follow it south to see where it led. I squirted another gout of warm, scented oil onto her, and began rubbing it into her skin slowly. I loved the feel of her firm baby bump, and I watched the large mound wobble back and forth as I caressed her firmly, the long strokes warming both my palms and her skin. Her shorts were pulled down below her swollen abdomen, and as I worked my way around the bottom of her pregnant uterus, my thumbs dipped under the low waistband, tickling the top of her pubes lightly. She sighed heavily, her anxiety over showing me her belly now reverting back to her earlier state of arousal. Of course my state of arousal had never gone away, and my dick was straining at my shorts the same way her boobs were straining at her tank top. After I had coated her middle thoroughly with oil, and rubbed her to a high shine, I decided to push my luck.

"Do you want me to keep going?" I asked in a soft voice.

Without opening her eyes, she said throatily, "Yes. You are making me feel so sexy with the way you’re touching me. I haven’t felt desirable in a long time. I’ve almost forgotten what it felt like."

"Trust me, Anne, you are very desirable." I grasped the hem of her tank top and slowly pulled it off. She lifted her arms over her head and wiggled, and as the shirt popped over her chest, the twin mounds of her breasts bounced out of confinement, the big brown nipples looking like chocolate candies on mounds of jello as the swollen globes swayed back and forth. I finished pulling the shirt over her head and threw it aside, drinking in the spectacle of her gorgeous mammaries. After enjoying the sight for a moment, and observing her biting her lower lip in anticipation of what was to come, I filled my hands with oil and grasped those firm melons, bringing a quiet moan to her lips. I caressed the firm female flesh, kneading and squeezing her engorged teats and pinching the nipples lightly. I stroked the pectoral muscles, pulled taut with her arms over her head, from the tops of her breasts to her smooth armpits, causing her to giggle. 

"I’m ticklish," she said with a smile.

"Do you want me to stop?" 

"God, no! Rub my titties, Dave! I want you to touch me all over."

How could I refuse? I attacked her jugs with renewed fervor, making sure I caressed the sides, as well as the bottoms, and again ran my oily fingers across her soft armpits, bringing shivers to her and stiffening the big brown knobs of her nips even further. Finally I could stand it no longer, and bent over her, sucking her right nipple deeply into my mouth. She cried out, arching her back, as I suckled her frenetically, pulling hard on the stiff peak with lips and teeth and stretching the elastic tissue to its limit. I moved to the left one, giving it a tongue bath to match the other side. I touched the tip of my tongue to the deep dimple in the center, which would be oozing sweet milk in just a couple of months. I wondered if I would get to taste her then, and shuddered at the thought. After enjoying sucking her for another minute, I went back to massaging the womanly wonderland of her chest while I kissed my way down her bulbous belly.

Her breath was now coming in gasps, and I didn’t need to ask her if she wanted more. I undid the button at the top of her shorts, pulled down the silver tab of her zipper, and yanked them over her thighs frantically, dying to get at her cunt. Her light blue cotton panties had a big wet spot in the center of the gusset, and I could now smell the unmistakable aroma of aroused pussy. I reached around her full ass, grabbing a cheek in each hand and pressing my face to the fabric covering her mound. She groaned as I kissed her through the damp material, feeling her lips and mine separated by the thin, moist layer of her panties. I curled my fingers around the waistband in the back, and slowly pulled them off, revealing the dark tangle of hair covering her sex. A cloud of warm sexual perfume wafted up from her cunt, filling my nose with its rich, womanly scent. Her pussy was beautiful, like some exotic fruit, covered in dark fur and split up the middle to expose the pink flesh inside. I spread her trembling thighs wide, allowing the hairy outer lips to part and giving me an intimate view of her secret garden. Her inner labia were thick and heavy, the wrinkled tissues protruding from her moist gash like two slabs of roast beef.

I shot another gout of oil onto her mound, making her jump and squeal with surprise, then began working the slippery stuff into her slick crevices with erotic glee. Her rosy piss flaps swung back and forth as I massaged them, smearing oil and vaginal juices all over her warm cunny and causing her to moan incoherently. Placing my palms on those hairy outer lips, I pulled them wide, then ran my thumbs up the gooey gash, rubbing her sensitive tissues from the dripping vaginal opening to her fat bud of a clit. I pinched the chubby love button between my thumbs, savoring the feeling of its substantial girth as I milked it up and down.

"Oh God!" the writhing woman yelled out. "Fuck me now! I am so ready for you!"

"Not just yet," I teased. "Not until I taste your sweet pussy!"

I dove in, pressing my lips to hers and slipping my tongue out to lap up her juices. The sweet nectar dripping from her vagina mingled with the coconut oil to create a cocktail more satisfying than any pina colada, and I plumbed every inch of her fragrant depths with my tongue until she literally dragged me away from her cunt by my hair. She pulled me to her face and kissed me deeply, sucking her own juices from my lips with a moan as I balanced on her bulging belly.

She suddenly and aggressively pushed me back, sitting up and diving for my shorts. In seconds she had my swollen purple prick in her hands, and tit for tat, squirted a warm stream of oil onto my meat. She rubbed it in, stretching and pulling my engorged pecker and rolling my semen-filled balls in her slippery hands until I was gasping myself. She slurped my oily wang into her mouth, sucking it hard and sliding halfway down the shaft in one move. The tip of her tongue probed my urethra, then swirled its way around my helmet and then down the underside of the shaft. With one more titanic suck, she popped the twitching fuckstick out of her mouth. She looked me in the eye, her pupils dilated and her eyes wide, and said, "Mmmmmmm! It’s like a warm tropical popsicle. and I’ve got just the place to put it!"

She laid back again, spreading her legs wide and reaching for my boner. She pulled me in, aiming my rigid cock at her gaping hole, and her pussy enveloped me in an intimate embrace so satisfying I almost shot my load as soon as I entered her. She wrapped her legs around me and held me to her as her cunt twitched in ecstasy around my rod. I held still for a moment, sliding back from the edge of orgasm, and managed to exert control over my body enough to stave off imminent release. 

I began thrusting into her, feeling the hard ball of her full womb in between us as I pounded into her wetness. I was so horned up I was drilling her like a jackhammer, and I began worrying that I was hurting her. I couldn’t tell if her desperate cries were pain or pleasure, and I didn’t want to crush the baby either.

I pulled out of her, my throbbing dick shiny with her secretions, and told her, "Roll over, baby. I want to take you from behind"

"Oh, yeah!" she crooned, rolling onto her hands and knees and presenting her big ass to me. "Fuck me like an animal, you beast!"

Her oozing cooze gaped wetly, and I could see the drooping swell of her belly between her spread thighs. Beyond that, her engorged tits swung heavily, the erect nipples brushing the ground as she wriggled her body in anticipation of further plowing. Not wanting to keep her waiting, I quickly rammed my stiff prick back into her, causing her to cry out again. I humped her frantically, my loins slapping against her big, firm ass with each thrust. I wrapped my arms around her, caressing that pregnant tummy and pulling myself into her as far as I could go. She was making a continuous wailing noise, and with each slam of my pelvis into her buttocks, her voice quavered wildly. I felt the sap rising in my root, and redoubled my pistoning into her frothing cunt. Just as we both reached climax, I felt her oily fingers reach back and grab my swaying nuts, squeezing them as I unloaded what felt like a quart of hot seed into her spasming vaginal vault.

"OH FUCK YES!" she screamed, her face collapsing into the dirt as she happily took my sperm infusion into her depths. I sagged onto her back, groaning loudly, my sweaty hands caressing her swollen mams as I squirted my remaining jizz into her dripping hole.

I finally pulled out of her, watching a stream of white pour out of her wide-open cunt and dribble onto the ground. I fell to the ground next to her, and she rolled onto her side against me, pulling my hand around her and holding it to her gravid belly.

She giggled hysterically, and the sound made me laugh reflexively as well.

"That is SO what I needed!" I haven’t had a good fuck since I got pregnant, and THAT was definitely a good fuck!"

"You aren’t kidding," I agreed. "That body of yours is so fucking hot I almost didn’t make it into your pussy."

"Even with my big, pregnant belly?" she asked with a smile.

"Especially because of your big, pregnant belly," I told her. "I think you are extra hot because of it, and it added a thrill I’ve never felt before."

She made a mock pout. "Does that mean you won’t fuck me any more after the baby comes?"

"I’ll fuck you anytime, honey. Before or after. Probably not during, though. I don’t think you’d be interested, and I don’t want my dick denting the kid’s head."

She snorted laughter. "That’s sick, you pervert! But you better be there for me when my pussy recovers!"

We waded into the water and washed off, then got dressed. I was a little sad to see her incredible pregnant figure covered up again, but the sight of her pulling on her tank top, arms overhead and full breasts pulled tight, pregnancy jutting out above her fluffy bush, was so amazing it made up for the fact that she was soon dressed again. I kissed her once more, rubbing her tummy with one hand and her ass with the other, until she pushed me away, face flushed and breast heaving.

"No more of that right now!" she admonished me with a grin. "You’re going to put me in premature labor."

"Spoilsport," I groused good-naturedly. "Hey," I said, a thought percolating in my brain. "Have you ever had a threesome before?"

She looked at me in surprise. "No. But I’m not necessarily opposed to it. Did you have someone in mind? Man or woman?"

"Which would you prefer?"

"I guess a woman for my first time. I wouldn’t feel like such a slut that way. The idea of taking two guys at once is a little intimidating."

"All right," I said, smiling in anticipation. "Let me work on it and I’ll see what I can arrange."

She shivered in anticipation, her fat nipples erect again. "God, now I’m not going to be able to stop thinking about the idea!"

"Good. You’ll be good and ready when the time comes."

She slapped me lightly on the shoulder. "You bastard! You just want to torture me!"

"Maybe," I laughed. "But I’m not going to be able to stop thinking about it either!" She pulled me in for another kiss, and we walked back to camp in companionable silence.

When Anne and I arrived at the beach, there was quite a celebration going on. It seems the hunters had gotten another pig. Kids were dancing around, and the field hockey team was re-enacting the event for the crowd, showing off for their admirers. The African ladies had already started butchering the animal on the rocks near the ocean, so that the waves would clean the blood when they were done. I saw Sharon and Rodney, and Jill this time, setting out in the raft for some more fishing, with some fresh offal for bait. I chuckled, thinking what an odd turn of events it was that the flight crew had become the fishing crew. Joelle and Gabrielle had managed to enlist Dkembe’s help in harvesting some bamboo poles for some task they had in mind. I was glad they were getting him in motion, and hoped it would help him recover from the loss of his sister.

I spied Janie in the midst of the hunting party, arms around two of the girls and a big grin on her face. I suspected that she had gotten her wish for an after-hunt celebration this time. I smiled to myself, imagining the story I was going to hear tonight.

As soon as we had some cuts of meat, they were thrown over the fire on a wire grill that someone had devised from plane parts. The appetizing smell of roasting meat filled the air, and kids were sent to round up fruits and greens to add to our dinner. When the meat was done, the beach looked like a neighborhood barbeque, with knots of people milling around talking, kids playing ball and running around wildly, and singing erupting at intervals from the field hockey and cheerleading teams. I surveyed the scene, absurdly proud of the way our castaway community had become a close-knit group of friends, working together for our joint survival and shared well-being.

The celebration lasted well after sunset, and there was serious discussion among the adults of trying to ferment some fruit juice to create our own alcohol. It seemed like the only thing missing from the party, and we had plenty of choices of flavors to choose from. We vowed to start the process the next day.

As the night fell, people began drifting to their sleeping areas. I noted some obviously sexual activity going on at the hippies’ camp, although they were trying to be discreet, and I started to get a little turned on thinking of what Janie had in store for me.

I finally caught up with her at her space on the beach, and gave her a big hug and a congratulatory kiss. Jared was beaming at her, obviously proud of his mom’s role in providing food for the camp. He voluntarily gave her a good night hug before running off to join his friends for the night, and I could tell she was touched by the gesture.

"He really thinks the world of you," I said, my arm around her as we stared out over the ocean, looking at the myriad stars.

"I really think this experience—the plane crash and our stranding here—has brought us closer together," she said. She seemed bemused at the idea. "I thought the trip might be a bonding experience, but never anticipated anything like this. I guess every cloud has a silver lining."

"So tell me about the hunt," I begged. "I didn’t get to hear the re-enactment earlier."

She described for me the stalking of the pig across the northern end of the island, and the way they split into two teams to drive it toward the cliffs. "It was a bit of a gamble, but we thought in the end it would more likely charge us than go over the edge, and we were right. Hannah and Samantha were ready with spears, and the poor thing didn’t have a chance."

"Any regrets?"

"No, not really. I realize this is about our survival, and the beast didn’t suffer. It was pretty quick. It’s just something I have to get used to."

"And afterward?" I hinted, my hand straying to her boob and squeezing it gently.

She leaned in and bit my ear, then whispered, "Let’s get naked and I’ll tell you all about it."

Clothes flew off in record time as we both hit the sleeping mat in heat, pawing at each other frantically. Her warm hands were all over my meat, pulling aggressively on my erection and making me gasp. I sucked her tits, biting the nipples the way I knew she liked, and soon she was sitting in my lap, her wet cunt wrapped around my peter like a velvet glove. We rocked against each other while she told me of her introduction to partying field-hockey style.

"They brought me to their camp blindfolded, and tied me up on the ground between two trees." Been there, done that, I thought. "Pretty soon I had two girls sucking my tits and another sitting on my face. I thought I was in heaven, but then they took it further and I felt this huge dildo sliding into my cunt, and another one up my ass. I’ve never had that much stimulation all at once, not even when I lived at the ranch."

I was silent for a moment, envisioning the scene while I worked my boner in and out of her sweet pussy. I thought I heard a noise just inside the trees, but couldn’t see anyone there and soon forgot about it, having more important things to do. I rolled her onto her back, legs up near her ears. I was getting pretty turned on, and wanted to give her the most intense fuck I could think of. I pulled out of her and, making sure her asshole was well lubed with a fingerful of saliva, eased my rod into her tight anus slowly. She groaned in pleasure, then increased the volume as I slid three fingers into her gaping vagina and began moving them in and out in counterpoint to my thrusting cock.

"Did it feel a little like this?" I asked, pounding into her roughly and making her grunt with each thrust.

"Oh, fuck yes!" she breathed, pinching her own nipples cruelly.

"How did the pussy taste?" I asked her, strumming her clit with my thumb as I ramped up my finger-fucking to a fever pitch.

"Like heaven!" she moaned. "It’s been a while since I’ve had an all girl session, and I forgot how much the air smells like all different kinds of pussy all at once. Oh, God! Fuck my ass, Dave! I’m going to come!"

I redoubled my efforts, sweating and straining as I slammed into her, bringing her to a muffled climax as she strove to contain her shrieks while orgasm took hold of her. Watching her open mouth emitting strangled cries, and feeling her pussy clenching on my hand while her rectum twitched rhythmically on my meat, I soon followed suit, grunting like an animal as I pumped her ass full of semen.

We collapsed next to each other, comfortably spent and gasping for breath. I held her tightly, amazed and thankful that I had found a partner as horny and perverted as me. In the post-coital glow, I threw her a curve ball. "Have you ever made it with a pregnant chick?"

"What?" she laughed. "No. Why? What have you been up to?"

"Oh, just a little surprise I might have in store for you. I’ll tell you about it another time, if you’re a good girl."

I felt her strong fingers grab my nuts and squeeze none too gently. "What if I’m a bad girl?"

"I’ll tell you anyway!" I gasped, and she released my tortured testicles with a snicker.

"You bet your ass you will," she said archly, then cuddled against me. Exhausted, we fell asleep.

To be continued...

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